The Disciplines of a Highly Compensated Business Relationship Manager

1. Tracks Goals & Hit Ratio

2. Understands & Manages The Sales Cycle

3. Practices Referral Selling Religiously & Treats Referral Sources As Trusted Friends

4. Treats Everyone With Dignity & Respect

5. Becomes A Trusted Business Advisor

6. Exhibits Emotional Maturity-Possess High Degree of Adaptability

7. Inspires Optimism & Confidence In Others

8. Meets ALL Obligations

9. Shares Credit & Glory Liberally

10. Hopes All Things, Believes All Things, Perseveres All Things

7 disciplines for success – personal and professional

  1. Daily goal setting – three to five minutes each day writing out sentences that represent your top ten goals in a positive, personal, and present tense.
  2. Daily planning and organizing - plan out each activity for the next day – think each through on paper.
  3. Daily priority setting - establish purposeful and strategic priorities for each activity to ensure the proper use of your time (if you do “this”, you cannot do “that” – be sure “this” leads you closest to your dream/goal).
  4. Single minded focus on top priorities - one focused hour is greater leverage than two splintered hours on the same activity.
  5. Daily exercise and proper nutrition - gain more energy and productivity for the same or lesser amount of time.
  6. Daily learning and growth –your success is in direct proportion to your level of personal growth.
  7. Daily setting time aside for the most important people in your life. Relationships are everything.


** Enlist the help of an accountability partner to ensure success or take it a step further and find/hire a coach/mentor for objective direction, guidance, clarity and accountability.

Mike Greene

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Time Blocking

One key to success is a simple, but powerful, technique called "time blocking." Time blocking involves consistently setting aside time for the high priority activities in Quadrants 1 and 2 of our Priority Matrix. When you use time blocking you are, in essence, making an appointment with yourself! Ideally you should block time for important activities in both your work and personal life.

Personal Time Blocking
You cannot be effective in your work if your inner reserves are depleted. Making time to “recharge your batteries” will actually boost your energy. Block time for exercise, contemplation, relaxation or recreation. Be sure to carve out time for family or friends as well. And, before committing to anything else, be sure to pencil in some vacation time as well. Then, treat appointments with yourself as respectfully as you would with others.

Time Blocking at Work
What if you had two uninterrupted hours every day to focus on nothing else but your most important activities? The time might be spent planning or working on one or more projects, sales or marketing efforts, developing your staff, or learning something that will add value to your work. Just two hours dedicated to the really important things? Keep in mind that these two hours are focused, uninterrupted work time and do not include all the other time spent traveling, in meetings, talking by phone, sending email and other activities also directly related to achieving these activities. If you want to block out even more time to zero in on Quadrant 1 and 2 activities– great!

Get into the habit of blocking out time for your most important activities on a consistent basis and you’ll be unstoppable!

Two Minute Drill: Strategic Time Blocking

Two Minute Drill: Awake or Asleep; Don't Confuse the Two!